12 Days of Chocolate Hearts

12 Days of Chocolate Hearts

We can hear those Christmas bells jingling! The holiday season is ramping up to full swing and many of us are indulging in chocolate to keep up with the spirit. However, if you're one known to feel guilty after eating chocolate, this post is for you! We will discuss the benefits of chocolate for those that feel guilty during the festive season.



We'll give you 12 days worth of information about different health benefits from eating small amounts of dark, organic chocolate:

1) Organic Chocolate:

Organic chocolate is a delicious and profitable way to enjoy the taste of natural cocoa. The production process for this kind of product doesn't use any artificial pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides which makes it healthier than many other types available on store shelves today - Plus you can feel good knowing your sweet tooth won’t be coupled with guilt when eating organic goodies!

2) Good for the environment

Organic chocolates produced without these harmful pesticides minimise the impact on the environment too. As these pesticides can cause bigger problems for the environment, its best to spend your money on chocolate from organic cacao farms that aren't causing harm to fragile ecosystems

3) Antioxidants

Want to feel less guilty about those chocolate cravings? Have a peek at the packaging. If Cocoa butter is the first ingredient on that list - then you're in for a treat! It contains tons of antioxidants. Dark chocolate has even more than wine, berries or tea so now there's another reason to indulge in some awesome tasting treats every day (or night)...in moderation.

4) Good for energy levels

Do you find yourself feeling tired and unable to focus during the afternoon? You may feel low on energy. The cocoa found within quality chocolates is rich with natural neuroprotective compounds which can help improve brain power. Better cognition, moods and energy levels? Ohh yeah!

5) Contains important minerals

You know those days when you feel like chocolate is the only thing that will make things better? Well, it turns out cacao has a lot more going for it than just taste. In fact one tablespoon of powder in your morning smoothie equals 30% or our daily magnesium needs!

6) Skin Protection

Mmm, don't forget about the antioxidant properties of flavonols found in dark chocolates. These healthy chemicals help protect your skin against sun damage (though it would probably be wiser still to avoid being out in the direct sun. Put some sunscreen on).



7) Cholesterol Problems?

Dark chocolate is a tasty and healthy snack option for those who want to improve their heart health. A study tested the effects of cocoa powder on oxidized LDL cholesterol levels in men, which found that it significantly decreased these harmful compounds as well as increased HDL cholesterol while also lowering total serum LDL level

8) Heart Disease?

Another study revealed that eating chocolate two or more times per week lowered the risk of having calcified plaque in your arteries by 32%. Eating it less frequently had no effect. 

Yet another showed those who consume dark chocolates more than five days a week can lower their odds for heart disease 57%!

9) Diabetes?

A possible prevention for diabetes might be chocolate, at least according to a recent study. One study found that eating healthy amounts of dark chocolate rich in cocoa improved how our body metabolizes glucose and therefore reduced insulin resistance, which can cause high blood sugar which is the hallmark sign for type 2 Diabetes.

10) The economy and doing the right thing

You know what they say, "Chocolate's not just for dessert!" If you want to truly make an impact and help the world out while doing so then buy fair trade chocolate. This means that by purchasing this product instead of regular, unmarked chocolates - which may have been made by exploiting poor cocoa producers, your purchase supports these people because it guarantees them better working conditions with more sustainable businesses being developed through education on improving crop yields etcetera.

11) Less Stress

Dark chocolate is a great way to reduce stress. In fact, we found that people who ate dark choc reported feeling less stressed and researchers confirmed this by finding reduced levels of cortisol after consumption. This could have something to do with its effects on heart health since cortisol has been linked with an increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

12) One for the ladies

Eating a small amount of good quality organic chocolate (with 65% or more cacao) may actually help relieve cramps associated with PMS – this is a good excuse for why we naturally crave the sweet taste at this time.

See? There is no need to feel guilty about eating chocolate during the holiday season. We hope this post has been helpful in showing you that enjoying a little bit of luxury now and then can be very good for your health!

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