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Luxurious Dessert Box - Sydney Delivery

Sydney’s famous dessert boxes by Hearts of Cupid represent moments of pure joy, as well as their passion for making luxury food.

A reputable business keeps its customers close to its heart. This is why Hearts of Cupid believe in the importance of hard work and creativity in our recipes.

The Original 3D Heart

At Hearts of Cupid, we are passionate about making unique chocolate gifts. With an increased demand for 3D chocolate gifts, we now offer a wider variety of fillings and moulds to perfect your ultimate gift or party favour!

Personalised Gifts
We make all of our chocolates on demand according to the exact specifications of your order. You can also add a logo or other designs and prints directly onto the heart.



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Finding the correct dessert box can be challenging, as several companies offer similar products. If you're in the market for one, here are some top tips to help you pick the ideal gift - Spoiler alert - We are proud to tick all the boxes! Regardless of the occasion, everyone knows that dessert is essential. It doesn't matter if it's a decadent treat or a bite-sized sweet-treat

Quality Chocolate and Desserts
Sometimes, the volume of boxes doesn't matter as much as the quality of the chocolates and the ingredients in them. A good quality dessert box should always set it apart from the competition. We use only the finest quality ingredients from all the best brands in desserts such as Nestle and Cadbury.

Custom Touch
Residents of Sydney have been asking about our stunning geometric chocolate designs, and we're always happy to help them create their own. Aside from that, we also offer custom packaging.
When creating a customised dessert box for your Sydney occasion is very important to ensure that the recipient receives something unique from you. We have a variety of chocolate moulds that come in various shapes and sizes to choose from, such as Easter eggs, geometric hearts, teddy bears and letters of the alphabet.

Hearts of Cupid's boxes are made to set a new standard for dessert boxes. Our chocolate hearts that are made to be broken™ are nothing like what you’ll find elsewhere in Australia. We have built our brand around the idea of luxury in sweets - something that is not just a delicious sweet but a wonderful experience too.

Number #1 Dessert Box Deliveries in Sydney

As the best dessert box Delivery in Sydney, we make them to impress. If you're looking for a local business that can provide these qualities, contact us today.

Bulk Event Orders
We can also create bulk orders for events. We love to work with our clients and come up with something unique for their special occasions.

Personalised Messages
Convey your personal message with our hand-written notes contained within the box. Let your loved ones know just how much you mean to them with a special treat and words from the heart.

We do not store our stock in bulk. Each order is made to the exact requests of our customers upon receiving your request. Your delivery will arrive fresh and beautiful every time.


Health and Safety
All of our sweets are made in a council-approved location. All of our staff members have undergone COVID-19 infection control training.

Deluxe Packaging
We also offer various customisation options, such as our elegant cardboard boxes with gold-coloured detailing. If you are after something that showcases what’s inside, opt for our classy plastic packaging that offers a delicate window into the sweet-treat inside.

Our Delivery Service
We deliver the next day to Sydney addresses, and we also offer same-day pickup if you’re a local. We deliver Australia-wide. Those looking for dessert boxes in Brisbane, click here.
If that’s not for you, no need to worry, our 3rd party courier will do their very best to ensure that everything delivered is on time.

Our Sydney Dessert Box Delivery Service

We've worked with various corporate and celebrity organisations, and we've been featured in multiple media outlets such as The Daily Telegraph and The Wave.

We have worked with many high-end businesses to contribute our chocolates as high-end table decor and corporate gifts. Word is getting around about the impeccable quality of our products and the personal attention that we give our clients.