Will my order be delivered on the exact chosen delivery date?

Delivery date chosen is an estimate for delivery and we cannot guarantee that your item will be delivered on the chosen delivery date.

Do you ship interstate?

Yes! however we cannot guarantee that your parcel will arrive on the chosen delivery date, they will arrive on the closest date possible if not on that day. 


What does unfulfilled order status mean?

Unfulfilled just means your order is processing and has not yet shipped! Once your order ships, it will be marked as Fulfilled/Shipped. Each item is hand made to order specifically and shipped the morning of your chosen delivery date. 

 What time will be order arrive?

Orders are usually delivered between business hours Monday - Sunday unless we have received a request for a specific delivery time.  


What if nobody is home for delivery?

Hearts of Cupid record all deliveries and we will not be held liable or responsible for loss or damage arising, if parcels must be left unattended.

We highly stress that you ensure the receiver is at the delivery address, as chocolate cannot be left in outdoor temperatures.

We will also not be held responsible for anything happening to our products when the parcel isn’t received upon delivery; examples- incidents arising from 'returned, melted, infested or undelivered’. If there is no place to leave deliveries, they will be returned to Hearts of cupid HQ and you will need to rearrange delivery and a delivery fee will apply again. We cannot guarantee that a second attempt for delivery can be made on the same date if this is the case you will need to re purchase the whole order for a later date as we do not keep perishable items.

Can I cancel an order?

Orders can be cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled delivery date. Orders that are already prepared, dispatched or in transit cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Cancellation of order incurs a $50.00 administrative fee. Money will be refunded less this fee.

If cancellation notice is received at less than 48 hour notice - cancellation is void.

A cancellation notice must be placed in email to heartsofcupid@outlook.com.au

Orders cannot be cancelled or changed on the day of delivery. In the event that the customer needs the box cancelled or re-delivered on the day of the delivery, the customer will be charged the same price for an additional box to be sent out.

We do not offer cash refunds under any circumstances. Store credit may be issued.


Do you leave orders at the local post office?

Yes, it is possible that your order is at the local post office, we take no responsibility on the condition of your order once collected from the post office. 

Can I put my chocolate heart in the fridge? 

Our chocolates are best consumed immediately, if you plan on keeping them for a long time you may place them in the fridge. Fillings will not ooze if they have been placed in the refrigerator.

Why has my chocolate turned white?

Chocolate turns white when the cocoa butter within the chocolate has separated toward the surface. It is often referred to as ‘chocolate bloom’. There are several causes, most often occurring as a result of warm storage conditions. Despite its appearance, chocolate that has “bloomed” is still safe to eat.


What happens if i forgot to use a discount code and I already completed the sale?

Its too late, Discount codes must be entered at the time of checkout. This cannot be corrected once the transaction is complete.


Orders outside of Sydney

Orders outside of Sydney will be sent on the closest possible date to chosen date.

We do our best to package our chocolates safe for delivery  however we cannot control how they are handled in transit. Please keep in mind that perishable items may be damaged in transit and by placing an order through our website you are agreeing to take a risk that the chocolates may arrive late and or damaged.