Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. By entering into any financial transaction with HEARTS OF CUPID  you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions as below:

Orders outside of Sydney

Orders outside of Sydney will be sent on the closest possible date to chosen date.

We do our best to package our chocolates safe for delivery  however we cannot control how they are handled in transit. Please keep in mind that perishable items may be damaged in transit and by placing an order through our website you are agreeing to take a risk that the chocolates may arrive late and or damaged.



Prices do not include delivery charge or insurance costs. These will be detailed at the time of order and may vary according to the level of service required.

We reserve the right to charge extra for unusual delivery requirements or different locations.

Prices will be calculated automatically when at the check out. This may not mean a reduction in price depending on the shipping costs. Your shopping basket on the payment screen will reflect the overall cost to you.

Unless otherwise agreed, prices will be those stated by us, on date of invoice, prior to despatch. No claims of any type or reductions after despatch will be entered into.

Any price or price list provided to you is for information and guidance purposes only and may contain discrepancies. It does not represent an offer to sell at the stated price and the prices are not legally binding to us.

All prices and price lists in relation to your account are strictly confidential and must not be disclosed to any third parties. Prices are subject to change without prior notice and and will be reviewed at least once per year.



The images on our website are used to provide an image of how our products look like. Our chocolate hearts are HANDMADE and coloured to each specific order, There might be differences in finished colour and appearance of each chocolate & packaging.


Orders shall be made online or by email. When we receive an order we have the right to assume the order is correct and accurate, no confirmation of order is either requested, necessary or waited on.

When you have completed your order you will be sent an e-mail confirming your order. It will state what the products/services are, the cost, delivery and invoice details. If your order has been unsuccessful you will be made aware of the reason why and any possible explanations. Each party shall be responsible for any errors in its messaging or ordering.

The products are not sold on a sale or return or exchange basis. If ordering for a specific date of consumption please choose the date carefully. Any perishable items or foodstuffs are excluded from return.

Order Cancellations

Orders can be cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled delivery date. Orders that are already prepared, dispatched or in transit cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Cancellation of order incurs a $50.00 administrative fee. Money will be refunded less this fee.

If cancellation notice is received at less than 48 hour notice - cancellation is void.

A cancellation notice must be placed in email to heartsofcupid@outlook.com.au

Orders cannot be cancelled on the day of delivery. In the event that the customer needs the box cancelled or re-delivered on the day of the delivery, the customer will be charged the same price for an additional box to be sent out.

We do not offer cash refunds under any circumstances. Store credit may be issued.



Delivery date chosen is an estimate for delivery and we cannot guarantee that your item will be delivered on the chosen delivery date.

Our third party Couriers will endeavor to deliver or arrange delivery without undue delay of the goods in the quantities ordered to the address requested when specified. 

We shall not be liable for any delay to deliveries of orders awaiting notification from customers due to issues with their order, late delivery, non-delivery or variation in quantities delivered and in particular shall be entitled to adjust quantities delivered to you where insufficient stock is available to complete or order.

Incorrect address.

Should the incorrect or insufficient delivery details be provided, Hearts of Cupid will not take any responsibility. It is the consumers obligation to supply the correct information at the time of purchase.

If the product is delivered to the wrong or incomplete address it will be redirected to Hearts of Cupid HQ. Same day Re-delivery to the correct address may be organised but not always guaranteed. Hearts of Cupid have the right to recharge the delivery fee if the consumer wishes to redirect the order on the same day.

Should the product delivery be scheduled for a later date, Hearts of Cupid will require the FULL amount for product and delivery as we will not keep and reship perishable goods for consumption at a later date.



Unattended Deliveries

Due to a high volume of deliveries, Hearts of Cupid and our delivery partners are not always in a position to contact multiple parties by phone if the requested delivery location is unattended. When placing a booking through us, please ensure to give clear and accurate delivery instructions.

 Hearts of Cupid record all deliveries and we will not be held liable or responsible for loss or damage arising, if parcels must be left unattended. We highly stress that you ensure the receiver is at the delivery address, as chocolate cannot be left in outdoor temperatures. We will also not be held responsible for anything happening to our products when the parcel isn’t received upon delivery; examples- incidents arising from 'returned, melted, infested or undelivered’. . If there is no place to leave deliveries, they will be returned to Hearts of cupid HQ and you will need to rearrange delivery and a delivery fee will apply again. We cannot guarantee that a second attempt for delivery can be made on the same date if this is the case you will need to re purchase the whole order for a later date as we do not keep perishable items.


Allergy Information

Please note that our chocolates are NOT allergen free.

We ask that you are mindful of the receiver’s allergies as we will not be held accountable for any allergic reactions.