Corporate Gifting Ideas

Corporate Gifting Ideas

corporate gift chocolates

Receiving gifts is a powerful experience as it creates a bond between the recipient and the giver, making a positive connection between them both. Companies and marketers have been using  personalised corporate gifts to build stronger relationships with potential and existing customers and express gratitude for their business.. 

Gifting can also be beneficial in terms of satisfaction when used as part of your overall marketing strategy or when you’re keeping your employees happy.

But, choosing the right personalised corporate gift can get intimidating, as they need to be thoughtfully planned. Read further if you need help finding the perfect corporate gifts.

What is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is when you give a client, employee, or prospective client a physical item such as edible treats, personalized items, or non-physical gifts such as an experience (tickets to a concert) or an eGift card.

The main role of corporate gifts is to establish or strengthen relationships with the recipient. 

  • Your employees can get motivated
  • Sales can increase
  • You can build long-term relationships with suppliers, business partners, and distributors


corporate gift chocolates prepared by Hearts of Cupid


Follow these tips to choose the perfect personalised corporate gift and make a good impression:

  • Have a budget

Create a budget for each month of the year, and stick to it. Having a budget allows you to work out the return on investment of your gift-giving.

  • Send the right message

Gifts are meant to be personal, so don’t go overboard and spend too much on a corporate gift, and then it looks like a bribe. So avoid coming across as pushy or desperate by thinking about the value your gift will bring to the relationship you have with the recipient.

  • Be thoughtful

Nobody likes an unplanned gift that’s not thought out. If you’re unsure of what to get, scan the recipient’s social media to see their interests. If they’re passionate about animals and saving the environment, consider gifting them with one of our Vegan Heart corporate gift chocolates that are also gluten and nut-free.

Pros to Choosing Hearts of Cupid for the Job

When looking for the best corporate gift chocolates, Hearts of Cupid are the best in Australia! If we don’t have what you’re looking for, contact us, and we will brainstorm ideas with you to design and create the perfect gift for you. 

Why choose us:

  • Customizable chocolates: Choose from a range of different-sized molds to suit every occasion, such as Christmas trees or chocolate teddy bears. You can also choose a colour to suit your theme of choice.

  • Company branding: Showcase the design of the chocolate with our clear plastic box, or go for something unique by choosing one that’s got your company colours or logo on the packaging and/or chocolate.

  • Custom messages: Take personalization one step further by including a custom, personalized message written inside the box or on a card.

  • Delicious fillings: Surprise the recipient of your corporate gift chocolates by choosing one with yummy fillings. There are various options, including oozing Nutella, mini M&Ms, peanut butter, or Turkish delight!

  • 3D geometric hearts: Be the talk of the party by giving a 3D geometric heart as a corporate gift! Watch the recipient’s face turn from intrigue to delight as they break open the 3D geometric chocolates and encounter oozing, gooey chocolate inside!