Lockdown VS Chocolates

Lockdown VS Chocolates

As Sydney awaits the end of the lockdown, we have all found solace in binge watching our favourite TV shows with comfort food. Well, did you know that personalised chocolate can also be extremely comforting?

Wait! Don't just indulge in your own dessert box. Sydney's very own Hearts of Cupid will have personalised chocolates delivered to you and your loved ones anywhere across Australia


According to research, out of 2,000 people, 66% say that what they eat depends on how they feel, and 46% said they turn to chocolate when they have a bad day. Dark chocolate contains phenylethylalanine and theobromine, creating a burst of happiness and the same feelings we experience when we fall in love. 

What is comfort food?

Comfort foods like chocolate provide psychological comfort. It can not only make us feel better when we are down, but it can trigger happy memories, such as holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions that are all connected to our loved ones.


Chocolate dessert boxes from Hearts of Cupid in Sydney make great lockdown gifts for the following reasons:

  • Give a gift: Let a loved one know you care during lockdown by sending a personalised dessert box. Now you can give a sweet gift and socially distance! Bring a smile to your favorite people's lives with a delicious dessert box handmade for them.
  • Gift yourself: Do you feel like some comfort food? Gift yourself with a delicious dessert box for your next movie night and minimise the need to leave your home for non-essentials. 
  • Affordable: Chocolate dessert boxes are affordable and luxurious. Chocolate is guaranteed to cheer up any recipient, so show your love with personalised chocolate.
  • Reputable company: Hearts of Cupid is fully certified in the safe preparation of food. We have taken the Covid-19 food and safety certification for the hospitality industry to protect all our customers.


Comfort foods are foods that offer us a feeling of well-being and satisfaction – especially personalised chocolates. Australia has the best of it with Hearts of Cupid. You can customize your box to suit your fancy or that of a loved one. 

Each box gets made on demand! So, whether you want to treat yourself or your friends and family during lockdown with a dessert box, Sydney's Hearts of Cupid will make a decadent heart just for you.

With lockdown still underway in Sydney, we all want to dig into our favourite comfort foods with a great TV series under the covers. So, brighten your mood with chocolatey goodness.

Show your family you care and send them a personalised box of chocolates. Each box is handmade, and you can add a personal message as an extra touch. Not only can you share the love, but you can share your favourite comfort food too. 

Here at Hearts of Cupid, our team holds food safety certificates and completed Covid-19 infection control training.

Get your personalised dessert boxes from Hearts of Cupid in Sydney today and bring a smile to your loved ones' faces!