Tips For Decorating Your Table With Chocolate Hearts

Tips For Decorating Your Table With Chocolate Hearts

Congratulations! You have said 'YES' and in full planning mode for your wedding. There is so much to do – creating a menu, choosing the best flowers, and finding the perfect dress. You can check one more thing off your list by giving your guests a delicious treat at the table on your wedding day.

Chocolate wedding favours are as an edible centrepiece is all the trend in Australia! Discover how you can use bonbonniere chocolates as a centrepiece at your wedding or special event.

Chocolate Hearts to Decorate Your Tables

Wedding catering has changed in recent years, and couples are choosing banquet-styled menus for their guests. You can even get rid of centrepieces altogether and fill the tables with platters, various dips and sauces, and sharing plates. 

Are you tired of traditional centrepieces?

Create centrepieces out of bonbonniere chocolates! Can you picture it? A beautiful tower of heart-shaped chocolates, platers of food, and all your guests are celebrating over cocktails. 


bonbonniere chocolates

More Bonbonniere Chocolate Ideas for Your Wedding

There are various ways for you to use bonbonniere chocolates on your big day. Here are a few ideas for you to get creative:


Foil Heart Wedding Bonbonniere

Our delicious chocolate foil hearts will make you feel the love on your wedding day! There is a variety of colours for you to choose from to bring extra creativity to your décor. We can personalise stickers with whatever you want, making your guests feel all the love while eating their tasty bonbonnieres.

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Place Card Chocolate Wedding Bonbonniere

If you want more than just a wedding bonbonniere, we can combine it with your place cards. Wedding Bonbonnieres can have several functions, so why make them boring? Your guests will feel extra special if you individualise each bar with their names, making it more personal.

Chocolate Wedding Menu Bonbonniere

If you want to be different and looking for a new way to display your menus, why not hide your guests' wedding bonbonnieres under their menus? This will surprise your guests with a tasty treat they can enjoy while reading the menu!

Gold Framed Wedding - Custom Foil Chocolate Hearts

If we had to pick our favourite wedding bonbonniere, then this would be it! These golden hearts are stunning and can be customised to feature your personalised message on labels attached to each of your wedding bonbonnieres. Whatever you choose, it's up to you! A lot of our couples like to add their wedding dates, along with their initials. 

There are also many colours to choose from, so don't feel limited! Whether you want pink, gold, blue, or silver, we will stay true to your wedding theme.

Bonbonniere Chocolates

Not getting married? Don't worry! We've got you covered. If you're celebrating a christening, birthday, or having a Saturday morning women's brunch, decorate your tables with Hearts of Cupid's unbreakable hearts. Give the gift of personalised bonbonniere chocolates to your guests!

Hearts of Cupid does personalised packaging, customised colours for your chocolate hearts, and fillings of your choice. 


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If you are getting hitched or hosting an event, Hearts of Cupid can deliver! Contact us for your customised party favours.