Why does chocolate look white after it's melted and cooled?

Why does chocolate look white after it's melted and cooled?

Are you into cooking? Or have you recently started baking? We are about to tell you the answer to the most asked question from the people who love to bake items that include chocolate. Have you ever baked something from chocolate and wondered why it turns white after it melts and cools? 

We are about to give you the ultimate answer to the question. The appearance of white colour on the chocolate is called fat bloom. How it happens and why, you will know soon!

What is Sugar Bloom?

The white chocolate that gathers at one place is sugar bloom. When you store the chocolate in a fridge or a cold place for too long, it results in sugar bloom. The moisture usually gathers up at the surface of the chocolate, and then the sugar is drawn out. When this moisture evaporates, the white sugar crystals are left behind on the surface resulting in sugar bloom. 

This white appearance is also called fat bloom. And the whole process is called the crystallization of cocoa butter and sugar on the surface. It all depends on the density levels.

The sugar bloom or fat bloom make the appearance a little less appetizing, but it does not negatively affect the taste or safety of the chocolate - in fact, scientists have actually used x-rays to study why this occurs and demonstrated that it is in fact safe to eat.

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Can you fix blooming chocolate?

Do not worry if your chocolate has sugar bloom. You can fix it by re-melting it. The process is simple and quite quick. The thing you need to do is take a heatproof bowl on the saucepans' top, having simmering water. 

You can simply melt the chocolate and remould it the way you want. The melting process brings back the fat in the chocolate. If you don't have time or don’t feel like sparing the effort to remould the chocolate, you can eat it the way it is.

Sugar bloom or fat bloom does not cause any health effects. So, if your chocolate has white colourations, do not worry about that. You can also remould it after melting it, if you wish to work the chocolate back into its original colouration. So if you've recieved a chocolate gift and you notice a little bloom on it - don't hesitate to tuck in and enjoy as you normally would.