Choosing the Perfect Dessert Box

Choosing the Perfect Dessert Box

How to choose the perfect dessert box:

With a number of dessert box businesses available out there, finding some truly great dessert boxes can often take a bit of research. If you're seeking out a dessert box and you want to give something as a gift that is going to be very high quality, here are some top tips on choosing the ideal dessert box for your next gifting experience.

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A dessert box that’s truly an experience:

A dessert box gives the gift of the experience. That experience should begin from the minute you unwrap the packaging - this can be a wonderful touch for a gift, or for something unique to brighten someone's day. Our dessert box, Sydney business offers 3-D breakable hearts that come with customisable flavours that just ooze out from the inside. The products are made of my high-quality chocolate and only the freshest ingredients. 

Better quality chocolate and desserts:

Sometimes the volume for a dessert box should not be the determining factor in the overall quality. Value for money can often come down to the quality of the chocolate inside and the quality of the ingredients in each dessert. Combining together some exotic flavours and using high quality chocolates in the box will always set a dessert box apart from another. 


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Custom touches:

Getting a dessert box that's been customized to the person it's being sent to is important. We offer a range of shapes like 3-D breakable geometric hearts, Easter eggs, letters of the alphabet and any coloured pattern or design that you would want to introduce over the surface of a white chocolate base in your dessert box. Sydney residents and many others throughout Australia are always amazed by the designs we can print onto the chocolate to match the theme of your choice for the gift. Custom packaging is also available to make sure that a unique box can be delivered, a deluxe, luxurious appearance is something we can definitely achieve for you! 

Made for sharing:

The best dessert boxes are also those that are designed to share. The best dessert boxes have custom touches that make it easy to divide up the desserts and share amongst a few people. Creating sweets that can be broken off or broken up and enjoyed amongst family members and friends, in a fun format for sharing is a great touch for your dessert box. 


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Must be luxurious:

Dessert boxes are designed to be luxurious snacks. A dessert box shouldn't be filled with items that can be picked up at the local corner shop or convenience store. Handcrafted items that offer luxury and exclusivity are a great touch for any dessert box. It's these touches that set a dessert box apart from the rest. It has to be something you can't just get anywhere else!

Artisans of the best dessert box, Sydney has to offer are what you need to make an impact with your gift. If you want a company that satisfies all of these top qualities, contact us today to learn more about the dessert boxes we have available to send anywhere across Australia now. 

Hearts of Cupid blend together the top quality ingredients, custom touches and deliver luxury in a box that sets a new standard for the very best dessert boxes available.